Questions To Consider

The questions you should consider when tasked with finding a gift for your clients, colleagues or staff include:

What is the occasion? i.e. Is it a corporate event, new baby, retirement or service award?

How many recipients? i.e. 1 or 1000+ we can manage any number

What is their demographic? i.e. What is the age, gender, likes/dislikes?

What are you trying to achieve by giving the gift? i.e. Are you trying to promote your brand, are you sending the companies best wishes or celebrating long service to the business

What is the budget per recipient? No budget is too big or small

Do you need to have your corporate or event logo printed on the gift? Is this a promotional opportunity for your brand

When do you need this gift/gifts by? Is it in 6 months for an event or tomorrow as a colleague just had a baby?