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ChillRocks work perfectly with tumbler drinks. For scotches, bourbons, whiskys and liqueurs that don't need watering down.

These versatile ChillRocks can also be doubled up in taller glasses making them perfect for long drinks like iced tea, beers and ciders. It is cold as ice, safe and more attractive and reusable.

The pre-frozen ChillRockss are clipped securely in the glass in the best possible chilling location without the drink diluting effect of ice and the health risks of unclean water.

One box includes:

- Storage rack (store in freezer ready for action)

- 4 x re-freezable rocks

- 8 x clips (4 for small glasses and 4 for long glasses)

Durable and resistant to staining and odours


Why it's a favourite:

Perfect for those scotch or whisky drinkers who don't like to dilute with ice!

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